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Logan Crawford Information
Name: Logan Crawford
Alias: N/A
Allegiance: Faction
Age: 25
Race: Human
Origin: Idrep
Occupation: Used to work as an assistant to a blacksmith, currently none.
Orientation: Straight
Status: Single/widowed
Social Status: Low-middle class.
Height: 6'
Weight: 160
Hair: Dirty blonde
Natural Hair Color: Dirty blonde
Skin: White
Natural Skin Color: White
Other features: Has a long, irregular scar that starts at the left corner of his forehead, goes across his nose, and ends at the top of his right cheek. He is semi-muscular, his hair is straight and short, and he has a piercing in his right ear.
Good – Logan is very understanding, caring, and family oriented. He tries to give a fair chance to everyone, and is friendly to those who show kindness to him.
Bad – Logan can be stubborn, and like his abili
:iconnalyxanocturne:NalyxaNocturne 1 0
The COMPLETE History of Lyana and Iekez
Alright. The first thing that needs to be known before I'm able to go into Lyana and Iekez is the fact that Lyana is Nal's heartless, and Iekez is Eiez's. For those of you who might not know what this means (and I'm not quite sure who wouldn't, but-) Lyana and Nal ultimately came from the same person (a somebody, named Lyana) when she was attacked by lesser heartless and took her heart away. Same went for Iekez and Eiez (coming from the somebody Iekez). Lyana and Iekez, the heartless, took their names from their somebodies. Nal and Eiez got their names when they both became a part of the Organization. Anyway, let's go on, in order of events. Be warned, this will be long.
Eiez and Nal formed a relationship with each other in the Organization a bit after Eiez came into being. However, at the same time Eiez was alive and well as a Nobody, Iekez was in a completely different situation. When Bald Mountain (their previous home, see Fantasia) was destroyed, it ultimately became a part of The
:iconnalyxanocturne:NalyxaNocturne 0 6
Response to Mission Notices- Lyana
Dear whomever it may concern,
I'm writing this letter to inform you, or to whatever other brainless dimwit decided to ignore the past several letters I sent to you, that I am on maternity leave, and will not be able to carry out the missions you continue to persistently contact me with.
Even if I wanted to fight whatever glorious beasts and splendid enemies there are out there on the battlefield- which, believe me, I don't, and I know it's a shame considering how enjoyable that's always been- I've been previously ordered by several individuals to stop my involvement with the fights going on here in The Empire for a good while. Of course, though, even with the NUMEROUS TIMES this has been restated and restated, you're all too moronic to understand what a maternity leave is, obviously.
Since I am currently pregnant with a child, I will not be stepping foot into another fucking mission, unless that mission involves sitting on my couch and enjoying a nice cup of tea. A
:iconnalyxanocturne:NalyxaNocturne 1 3
Ahraysix by NalyxaNocturne Ahraysix :iconnalyxanocturne:NalyxaNocturne 10 9 Order Anathema Meme- Lyana by NalyxaNocturne Order Anathema Meme- Lyana :iconnalyxanocturne:NalyxaNocturne 6 4 Lyana Reference Sheet by NalyxaNocturne Lyana Reference Sheet :iconnalyxanocturne:NalyxaNocturne 2 6 Order Anathema ID- Lyana by NalyxaNocturne Order Anathema ID- Lyana :iconnalyxanocturne:NalyxaNocturne 2 4
The Little Match Girl
It was a silent, dreary, and snowy night in Italy. The temperature had fallen to a record low around Christmastime this year, and in the town square of Tuscany, many families and individuals hurriedly paced over the cobblestone, hurried to get home. Each one breathed shakily, foggy, visible breaths escaping their lips. Carts with horses rolled tirelessly through the streets, and as the sun began to set on the town, the street lamps lining the road were lit before snow could fall and drive everyone back to their abodes.
There was one exception, however. A small girl with raven hair stood nervously in the midst of the busy crowd. Silently, she peered into the box in her hands, which contained only a few long, cold matches. Her dark eyes, troubled and scared, flickered around the people in the street as she fumbled to grab one with her fingers, holding it out to see if anyone would take it from her. Little Natalie was unable to do anything for herself but sell the matches. If she did, she
:iconnalyxanocturne:NalyxaNocturne 2 2
peekaboo by NalyxaNocturne peekaboo :iconnalyxanocturne:NalyxaNocturne 14 12 Winter Bliss by NalyxaNocturne Winter Bliss :iconnalyxanocturne:NalyxaNocturne 8 9 Vriska- Spider8reath by NalyxaNocturne Vriska- Spider8reath :iconnalyxanocturne:NalyxaNocturne 11 2 Vriska- No Regrets by NalyxaNocturne Vriska- No Regrets :iconnalyxanocturne:NalyxaNocturne 28 1 Vriska- Thief of Light by NalyxaNocturne Vriska- Thief of Light :iconnalyxanocturne:NalyxaNocturne 26 4 Vriska- 8rilliance by NalyxaNocturne Vriska- 8rilliance :iconnalyxanocturne:NalyxaNocturne 15 6 Vriska- Allllllll The Luck by NalyxaNocturne Vriska- Allllllll The Luck :iconnalyxanocturne:NalyxaNocturne 10 0 Vriska- W8ing For You by NalyxaNocturne Vriska- W8ing For You :iconnalyxanocturne:NalyxaNocturne 8 3

Random Favourites

Flower Gleam and Glow by Mags-Pi Flower Gleam and Glow :iconmags-pi:Mags-Pi 1,119 68 Push and Pull - Katara by Courtoon Push and Pull - Katara :iconcourtoon:Courtoon 14,504 1,007 Flame Angel by Hellobaby Flame Angel :iconhellobaby:Hellobaby 9,535 320 Melody. by Skollrous Melody. :iconskollrous:Skollrous 4 2 Thwarting the Lock ness Monster. by StressedJenny Thwarting the Lock ness Monster. :iconstressedjenny:StressedJenny 6,025 495 WTtD - Noru 2.0 by SajiKohei WTtD - Noru 2.0 :iconsajikohei:SajiKohei 57 29 god, mom, whyy my eyyyes my poor eyyes by viria13 god, mom, whyy my eyyyes my poor eyyes :iconviria13:viria13 10,634 392 Sweet Disguise by Subaku-kun Sweet Disguise :iconsubaku-kun:Subaku-kun 8 2 Aradia by MalisJuju Aradia :iconmalisjuju:MalisJuju 411 16
:.It Gets Better.:
I love you.
:iconpyromaniackai:PyromaniacKai 0 14
I feel blessed to have the friends I have.
You guys are the sweetest, most caring, amazing people I've ever met.
You're the best, and you're all mine ;u;
I can't begin to tell you guys how wonderful you are.
Thanks for standing by my side no matter the circumstance!~
:iconpyromaniackai:PyromaniacKai 2 12
Signal Expanition!~ Read or Else.. .
If you don't keep reading okay, but hey please read the below guys. It only takes like a minute, you can waste that right?
So a good friend of mine :iconfell--larka: is having some issues right now, you can go look at her page for exact details, but something really bad happened to her and her loved ones. Ya, I know people do this on DA a lot ask for help right, but if you could just please go check it out? She is doing commissions right now to help raise money, and I know you guys all love art, cause this is DeviantART!~ So if you could just please take a quick look.
Cya Guys!~
Have a Nice day!~
P.s If you could spread her link around please, pretty  please that would help aton. Just copy and paste the details and Title it Signal Expanition Thanks Guys!~
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Artist | Student | Varied
United States

Black Heart by SquallxZell-Leonhart Pride Stamp by xxstamps Flowers by stamps-of-yore

N a m e;; Alyna, Nalyxa

Y o u c a n c a l l m e;; Lyna, Nal, or any other pet-names or cosplay-names you might know me by~

A g e;; 19

B i r t h d a y;; October 6th, 1994

R e s i d e n c e;; Arizona

I n t e r e s t s;; Art, acting, performing, singing, being with friends, cosplaying, designing, photography, writing.

L i k e s;; Happiness, balance in the world, peace, home-made gifts, manga, bookstores, serenity, love, water fountains, candles that smell like vanilla or melon, the color blue, music [anything but rap or certain hip hop songs], photoshoots, cosplaying, photography, live action roleplay, roleplay all together, pocky, ramune, candy, conventions, having her hair pet, hugs.

D i s l i k e s;; People who are mean, disruption of peace, losing friends, hatred, war, pain, crying, bugs, dust, thunder, death, the color orange, being alone.

:bulletred:R e q u e s t s;; [only from friends]:bulletred:
:bulletred:T r a d e s;; [open, most definitely!]:bulletred:

Be my F R I E N D
I don't bite!

Current Residence: Arizona
Personal Quote: Everything's okay in the end. If it's not okay, it's not the end.

It's been like, forever.

To tell you the truth, I don't get on here at all anymore.

If you need me, follow my Tumblr, which you can find here!

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